Yooo what's good everyone, I'm AJ Voelpel, creator of Good Boy Originals.


GBO was a passion project I started back in 2017 that has since grown into, well, an official side hustle that gives me the opportunity to create cool, memorable, and unique art for people around the world.

I'm originally from Westbury, N.Y. (hence the heavy Long Island bias in my pieces), and have always had a strong appreciation for art, culture, creating, and being of service...so I guess you could say Good Boys was an inevitable progression.


Clean and cool is the name of the game. The art I produce has always been rooted in simplicity and minimalism. Each piece gets hours of attention and obsession. I mean, my sole intention is to create something that's going to flood you with memories and conversations. 

I only use the highest quality museum-grade fine art archival papers and matting. Roughly 90 percent of all my pieces are by custom request so please don't hesitate to email me your ideas.

When I find the time (which is increasingly rare these days), I create one-off pieces that I list up on my Shop, so check back there every so often for some cool shit.

Really appreciate you stopping by and please hit me up with any questions you have.