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Custom Pieces

Drop a line, let's create somethin' together! Bulk pricing is available.
Ideal gift for special occasions (weddings, groomsman, buddy trips, member-guests, Pro-Ams, Christmas/Hannukah, Father's Day, birthdays, etc.)



How do you determine pricing?

Honestly, there are several factors that go into it, most notably: 

  • How long it takes me to produce it (i.e. pre-production & post-production, editing.)

  • Cost of materials (paper, matting, framing, etc.)

  • How limited an item is. 

What's the typical turnaround for a custom project?

It really all depends on what the item is and the timing. For instance, if you're looking for a final framed piece as a Christmas gift, it'd be helpful to have about 3-4 weeks notice. If it's a project for a birthday that's two weeks away and I'm not that busy, I'll make it happen. 

I notice you rarely sell just come?

That's part of the charm of Good Boys. I prefer to print and frame 95% of the things I sell. I enjoy bringing the entire piece to life and many of my clients have learned to trust my insticts how to make objects look their best. I mean there's not a whole lot you could do with just a print anyway, you'll still have to get it framed, which will cost at least double what I charge. 

What kinds of objects do you shoot?

Oh man, clients have sent me so many different things. I would say matchbooks are my personal favorite pieces to create but have done pencils, tees, ball markers, fish hooks, cookies (!!), cassette tapes, CDs, booklets, rare coins, scorecards, journals, matchsticks, bottles, clothing, name a few. Put it this way, not too many things are off limits...

How do I request a custom piece?
What if I see a piece you did on the Inspiration section and am interested in getting something similar?

Haha, easy again! Just click here and tell me what it was and we'll talk.

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