This is quite possibly the closest you can stand to fire without getting burned. Fireworks is a cool and classy piece that represents the versatility and prosperous spirit of Americans. But a deeper look will reveal a rebellious energy many can probably relate to.


A proper balance if you ask me. 


Fireworks (11x14)

    • Custom design printed on 11x14 Moab's Somerset Enhanced Velvet (for excellent texture).
      • Hand-deckled and torn edges.
    • Mounted on 4ply museum-rising bottle blue matboard.
    • Whitewashed hardwood 11x14 frame.
    • 1 of 1.
    • Sparklers sold separately. 
  • Since the overall inspiration was the Fourth of July, I wanted to finish this off with a bang (pun completely intended). That holiday to me growing up -- like most Americans -- was all about BBQs, family, and fireworks. A majority of the time it was Roman candles, bottle rockets, a few mortars, and sparklers, which was enough to satisfy our pyro fixes. 

    This print initially featured traditional blue-tip matchsticks but after shooting and editing, it just felt incomplete.

    So I took a full book of large matchsticks, lit them up and charred the edges to a nice medium well. Not exactly how I prefer steak, but damn if it isn't an ideal metaphor.  

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